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4 Awesome Cooking Hacks For Fixing Burnt Food

If you’ve been cooking for a long time, you’ve probably experienced burning or overcooking your food. Most cooks would just throw it away but that’s such a waste – there are plenty of quick fixes you can try to salvage your dish! It dependes on what type of dish you’re cooking, but if you want […]

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Wrestling With God (3)

If you can fight for it then you can have it. Another indefatigable spiritual wrestler we saw in the bible is the Prophet Elijah. The Prophet of Fire! After the battle of Mount Carmel, Elijah promptly informed King Ahab that God was bringing rain again to the land of Israel, after more three years of […]

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A Leadership Principle I Keep Re-Learning

A leadership principle I keep re-learning Do you keep being given leadership lessons to learn? Do the same ones keep coming back? That’s definitely the case for me. This is obviously a leadership principle I need to keep learning. I hurt my back some time back in March. It’s a familiar story: work hard until […]

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