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In-Person Jekyll, Social Media Hyde

Ahh, social media. Where from the comfort of your living room you can make your point known to millions of people. People and businesses have grown from being virtual unknowns to worldwide phenoms (think “Gangnam Style”) thanks to social media. Then there are those who fell from grace like a lead balloon (think Roseanne Barr, […]

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Every Christian Should Have a Big Mouth For God!

God invites you to use your mouth for His glory! The goal of the Christian life is to exalt and lift up the name of Jesus higher and higher! This is exciting News! Every Christian should have a big mouth for God. Take a moment to think about how important that is. You definitely want […]

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The Madness Chronicles – Episode 45

The dictionary defines madness as a state of being mentally ill, especially severely, extremely foolish behavior, and a state of frenzied or chaotic activity. We live in times gone mad each and every day. In each Episode of the Madness Chronicles we take a look at a new topic and see how mad some people […]

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Multiemployer Pension Program Risks Insolvency by 2026

The Multiemployer Insurance Program managed by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PGGC) is projected to become insolvent by 2026, according to the PBGC’s recently released 2020 Annual Report. At current levels, the multiemployer pension program is underfunded by $63.7 billion. Related ProductsLoading products..

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